Headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri, Net Lease Holdings (NLH) is a real estate investment firm founded in 1994 by Tim Crowley and Luke Fouke. The firm manages real estate funds and single purpose limited liability companies on behalf of institutional and private investors.

NLH is focused on the acquisition, ownership and management of single tenant, triple-net (NNN) leased properties throughout the United States. Our real estate properties are leased to high-quality tenants under long-term contracts.

  What is SALE-LEASEBACK funding?
    The sale-leaseback is a form of funding in which a company sells its real estate for cash and simultaneously signs a long-term lease with the buyer. A sale-leaseback transaction releases capital stranded in low-yielding, real estate assets and redeploys it into the operations or as the seller designates typically where the business can earn substantially higher returns.

Who can benefit from a SALE-LEASEBACK and why?

  Companies with a strategic need for capital… • Finance acquisition of competitor / vertical
    • Fund growth or capital expenditures
    • Recapitalize or deleverage the balance sheet
  Founder looking to generate liquidity… • Retirement or estate planning
    • Buyout existing owners or pay shareholder distributions
    • Maximize proceeds upon sale of company
  Benefits of a Sale-Leaseback structure…

• Monetize 100% of real estate value vs. 50-80% from a mortgage
• No financial covenants or liens on company assets
• Off-balance sheet operating lease
• Rent payments are fully tax deductible
• Seller / tenant maintains operational control of the facility